Hoofcare services

I offer hoofcare services primarily in The Netherlands, but can travel abroad on request. Please contact me through my service form to discuss your case and see if I can be of service to you in your area.

My services apply to:

Horsemanship services:

I focus primarily on (dissociative) behavior problems related to trimming the horse. I can help horses not willing to be trimmed or handled by you, or your hoof/horse care professionals to become safe and cooperative.

The method I use is a straight forward approach to natural horsemanship wherein communication with the horses is established through ‘Relative Dominance’. Connection is obtained through ‘Feel’. We gain trust with the dissociative horse simply by allowing more freedom.

The term dominance has no relation to violence in any shape or form. It simply means that I put myself in a higher position than the horse by presenting myself as a leader. For humabs, this is the safest position to be in.

This type of leadership is relative to the situation and individual horse and is based on a sequence of trust and reward.

Educational services:

I offer private tutoring to horse-owners, farriers, veterinarians and barefoot students and practitioners from all methods of hoof care.
I wholeheartedly welcome individuals with different approach to trimming, but my teachings are of course focused on the application of the Natural Trim.
For this service I would have to travel to your horses.

ISNHCP mentorships:

As a clinician and field instructor for the ISNHCP I offer mentorships in The Netherlands and abroad.
All training is offered as described in your training program manuals

"For the possibillity of trimming and/or horsemanship services in your area, please submit this form and I will let you know what I can do.
For private training or ISNHCP mentorships, please contact me directly HERE!

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