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Are you running into issues whiles trying to go barefoot with your horse?
Can’t seem to shake the pathologies of the foot (e.g. thin soles, brittle hooves,etc)?
Do you need advise on trimming, diet, horsemanship or Paddock Paradise®?
Is there anything else Natural Horse & Hoof Care related you need help with?


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Once you have payed for your online consultation, you will be forwarded to a contact form where you can submit your question or case. If I can help you, I will reply within 48 hours to either request more information or to schedule an online appointment. If I can’t help you in any way, I will of course refund your payment.

This online consultation will take up to one hour. If we need more time to discuss your case we will either reschedule immediately or at a later time.

2 reviews for Online consultation:

  1. Cynthia

    I had a very nice conversation with Björn.
    I got advice and tips that i can really do somthing with.

  2. Danique

    Thanks Björn for the advice you gave me.
    i’m going to work on it and look forward to the result

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