“ I have been asked, and asked myself, what is this organ we call the “hoof?”

To me the hoof is a bundle of energy wrapped in mass that it creates. And one that is responsive to its environment and things it derives from that environment.

This organ, to me, is like water flowing from a spigot, or down a river, both seeking a destination.

Thus, it is also like electrical energy flowing towards its destination.

Both seek the earth, however circuitous, to finish their journey.

The Healing Field is the organ’s source of energy, itself responsive to the Universal Knowledge, as the energy of all species comingle there before seeking their respective journeys and points of extrusion to become matter.

So this organ, the hoof, must find its way too, to the earth – like the flow of electrons of electricity who must seek “ground” and the river seeking the sea.


I have written some time ago, in some book of mine, which one I can’t recall specifically, that the application of the horseshoe obstructs, absorbs, and dissipates the vital energy force into its abiotic structure.

The result is pathology and confusion and legions of armored knights called farriers.

As NHC practitioners we must be willing, daring, courageous even, to reach far beyond the immediate outcome so undesirous, and return to the source. As we reach further and further and further back towards it, we shall see that its infinite complexity, in fact, paradoxically welcomes simplicity.

We call that NHC.” ~ J. Jackson

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