Meet Björn!

Trained in the science of Natural Horse Care by Jaime Jackson, I have been trimming horses since 2004. I started organizing my first clinics and lectures for horse owners in 2007 and since then have trained both upcoming professionals and horse owners on the principles and practices natural horse care.
In 2012 I was trusted to bring Jaime Jackson’s American based ISNHCP training program to Europe which allowed us to teach the Natural Trim Program in Europe and the Middle East.

My deep, personal interest in the housing of horses led to creating a company that specializes in designing and constructing Paddock Paradise track systems for both private and professional horse owners.
Surrounded by a strong team of specialists in various fields I can tackle any husbandry challenge that comes my way. Together we are literally changing the equestrian scenery track by track.
My work as a practitioner and horseman in the field consists mostly of teaching and rehabilitating horses with behavior problems, laminitis and other foot related pathologies.

Björn's Natural Horse Care

If you are looking for solutions to improve the health and vitality of your horse, you’ve come to the right place.
Taking care of our horse on a day to day basis can be quite challenging and I can totally understand if you get a bit lost, or frustrated sometimes. There are so many things to consider, and with all the information, advise and opinion directed your way, it’s not easy to make sensible choices.

Some of you have always had horses and some might be completely new to this. But all of you find yourself responsible for their hooves, teeth, stabling, worm-counts, vaccines, feeds and supplements. Oh.. don’t get me started on the freaking supplements, which one to choose, right?!
And then we haven’t even ridden our horses yet. We need to find the right instructor, get a proper saddle, decide if we ‘dare’ to go bitless.. or not! The list of responsibilities just goes on and on.
Seriously, having kids is less work..!

With BNHC I want to help you find your way through this jungle of information by using basic principles and practices that have proven themselves effective over time. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but years of experience have taught me that the simplicity of Natural Horse Care enables ALL of us to make choices that actually work. It helps us to move away from any discomfort or tension you may find in your horse and direct it towards long lasting health, vitality and FUN!!
And in the end that’s all we want, right?! To have a bit of fun with our horses!