Meet Björn!

Meet Björn!

Trained in the science of Natural Horse Care by Jaime Jackson, I have been trimming horses since 2004. I started organizing my first clinics and lectures for horse owners in 2007 and since then have trained both upcoming professionals and horse owners on the principles and practices natural horse care.

In 2012 I was trusted to bring Jaime Jackson’s American based ISNHCP training program to Europe which allowed us to teach the Natural Trim Program in Europe and the Middle East.

My deep, personal interest in the housing of horses led to creating a company that specializes in designing and constructing Paddock Paradise track systems for both private and professional horse owners.

Surrounded by a strong team of specialists in various fields I can tackle any husbandry challenge that comes my way. Together we are literally changing the equestrian scenery track by track.

My work as a practitioner and horseman in the field consists mostly of teaching and rehabilitating horses with behavior problems, laminitis and other foot related pathologies.