This is a wild, free roaming horse.

Such a horse serves as a model for excellence. By being wild and free in their adaptive environment, animals explain to us what is normal and what is not. They explain what is healthfull and what is not.

In life, some daring individuals might claim the wild horse is unworthy of such a role. They even have the audacity to say their information is somehow ‘outdated’. How truly misinformed they are.

To them I say it’s time to open your eyes. No.. truly open your eyes. Do not just listen. Hear! Do not just look. See! You need to learn to ignore the pathology and see the beauty of health and soundness through natures lens. Nature is inside all creatures of life, and believe it or not nature is always right.

In our life the wild horse will continue to guide us in our care for domesticated horses. Simply by being what they are. Simply because being wild and free is good enough.

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