Health wise there can be many reasons for a horse to get in trouble and most of the time it’s simply because the owner or caretaker of the horse is unaware of the little big things going wrong.

We all aim to care for our horses to the best of our abilities, but sometimes it seems as if all our efforts are futile or insufficient. We listen to professional advice, we spend money on feeds and supplements. You’re simply doing the best you can, but you don’t get the results you’re looking for. How frustrating is that?!

Another challenge is that most of the pathologies we find in horses today are considered more or less ‘normal’ by many professionals. Because of this, the many identifiable and undesired consequences of these pathologies are remedied with solutions that address the symptom, and not the cause.

That’s not what I do. I aim to get to the root cause of a problem and eliminate it once and for all!

Metabolic health has huge impact on the day to day life of any horse and is considered somewhat of an Achilles heel to all members of the equine species. But is it really? Are horses really that prone to all this dis-ease and dis-comfort? Or could it be something that we do, that is making them weaker or more prone to problems?

After almost 20 years of applying Natural Horse Care in the field I am convinced that it is all about how we facilitate the horse, rather than facilitating our needs. For most horse owners seeking my help to improve the health of their horse it means making changes in the way they feed, board and possibly ride their animals. 

An anthropomorphic approach to horse care (thinking horses need what humans need or like!) will often lead toward many obvious and not so obvious traps. And because most established equine management systems and philosophies are not based on species appropriate care, our interpretation of horse care isn’t either.

The fastest and most effective way out of any health care predicament is to educate ourselves on causality and take remedial action the natural way.

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