What does that even mean? Do we close our eyes to pathology? Is there nothing we do about ‘dis ease’?! Of course not! Of course we do something about it. But there is rarely a need to address pathology as such.

Let’s say your horse has laminitis. What do you think cures your horse? A shoe? Pads? Hoof wall resections? There’s no healing in that! None. .

There’s healing in management. You manage the lifestyle of your horse in such a way that it resembles their biology. You change their feed, you change the way they are boarded and you eliminate anything stressfull to their physique or mental state.

4th principle

✅ No grass
✅ No invasive trimming
✅ No solitairy confinement
✅ No training regimes that go outside the Natural Gait Complex

Ignore whatever pathology you encounter, make the necessary changes and you’ll find that pathology does not stand a chance. But there are no shortcuts. The more serious the pathology, the more serious your interventions will be.

Pathology for the most part is a state of mind. When you have problems with your horse, learn to look at the situation as whole.

What is it in your current situation that does not resonate with your horses needs?! Find that. Fix that, and stop focussing on the symptom!

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