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Natural Horse Care?

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Here’s what we can do......

Online consultations

By evaluating your situation and that of your horse, I can offer short and long term solutions that will help you help your horse.

Trimming services

I offer hoofcare services primarily in The Netherlands, but can travel abroad on request. Please contact me through my service form.

Clinics & Workshops

Are you unable to attend my classes? Tell me where you are, what you need and let’s find a way for me to come see you!

Why would you choose to work with me?


You will learn to understand things about your horse you never thought were important.


The science and history of Natural Horse Care will absolutely blow your mind!


The methodology of Natural Horse Care will keep you and your horse safe from harm!


The emotional and physical wellbeing of your animal will drastically improve!

I offer lectures, short workshops and multiple day clinics. For those of you aspiring to become professional NHC practitioners, I offer specialized training programs.

My training programs are designed to offer solutions. We’ll avoid the trap of treating symptoms only and go straight to removing causality!

About Björn
Trained in the science of Natural Horse Care by Jaime Jackson, I’ve been a natural horse care practitioner since 2004. I started organizing my first clinics and lectures for horse owners only a few years later and have since then trained both upcoming professionals and numerous horse owners all over the world
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Paddock Paradise®
My deep, personal interest in the housing of horses led to a company that specializes in the design and construction of Paddock Paradise track systems. Surrounded by a strong team of specialists in various fields we can tackle any husbandry challenge imaginable.
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Travelling the world
I’ve hosted clinics in the middle East visiting places like Israel, Dubai and Bahrain. I’ve worked extensively in the United Kingdom and the U.S. and traveled to Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, France and even Kazachstan to teach NHC!
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What I learned
What I’ve learned from my all travels is that history and culture have a huge impact on how we work with horses. There is no better or worse, there is just people loving horses, and people doing the best they can.
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My services
Today, my work as a practitioner and horseman in the field consists mostly of teaching, rehabilitating horses with behavior problems, laminitis and other foot related pathologies.
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